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COMING SOON:Think you've eaten some pretty odd junk food?  Well let me show you just some of the "delicious" crap I have put into my stomach over the years.  Some of it not so bad, some not so good.  For whatever reason, I feel compelled to seek out and try odd snack foods from all over the globe.


I began documenting the odd-ball products I was buying in November 2006.  Why?  I have no idea, but it seemed a good idea at the time.  It still does in retrospect, since I now have a backlog of several years' worth of chips, cookies and candies from Dollar Stores, Closeouts and Foreign Groceries.


In the coming days, I'll be posting many images and descriptions.  From gourmet candies to imported, Third-World crap, if I've bought it to eat, I probably took a picture of it to share with the world.