Welcome to DerekCap.com

For as long as he can remember, Derek has been doodling, sketching, cartooning or otherwise defacing innocent sheets of paper with the vulgar markings he shamelessly tries to pass off as "art."  As a young child, Derek was introduced to Mad Magazine by his brother (probably the Summer of 1979.)  The flow and life in the artwork of Al Jaffee, Sergio Aragones, Mort Drucker, Jack Davis and the rest of the "Usual Gang of Idiots" inspired Derek to pick up a marker and some scrap paper to create his first cartoon (which has, thankfully, been lost to posterity!)

He began drawing "comic books" and humorous "magazines" of his own when he was in 3rd grade, receiving his first rejection slip from Mad Magazine around the same time.  For the next 9 years, Derek produced hundreds of pages of terribly scripted, hastily lettered and poorly illustrated "comics" which he shared with the world around him.  Not surprisingly, few of those people cared, and even fewer remember these pieces of detritus.

 Already having been introduced to home computing at an early age, Derek wanted to see if he could use them to create art.  For a while, he played around with clunky old home computers like the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A and Atari 600XL, experimenting with what could only be described as Lego art on a television screen. Shortly after reading an article about "digital image manipulation," Derek purchased  a Commodore Amiga computer in 1989,  beginning a love affair with Digital Artwork.  First, using Deluxe Paint and then Digi-Paint, Derek learned that he could use a clunky plastic input device hooked to another clunky plastic device to create images on a glowing CRT which were a heck of a lot harder to show people in school.  Luckily for him, but unluckily for rest of the world, he was able to purchase a color dot-matrix printer and commit the crap he was making to print.

In 1995, Derek purchased his first Macintosh, a Power Mac 7500.  Not long after, he was introduced to a rather new app, called Photoshop.  It was love at first Byte (ugh!)  Ever since, he's been mashing up photos and creating new forms of mayhem for the wider audience of the Internet. This has widely been regarded as an act of international hostility by most of said audience.

For those few persons brave enough to actually want to peek at the scribblings of a formerly obese amateur Graphic Designer: We present this page.  Use the links at the left to view one of the galleries full of various examples of Derek's "talent."